Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Falling in

This visit was as much about fettling the boat as it was cruising. Yesterday I was left on my own to do the outsides. Starboard was ok as it could be done on the mooring as was the roof. My option was to cruise down to Alrewas and wind to get safe access to the port side clean, from the gunwale or push across to the tow path. I did the latter with no assistance from the wind which was trying to keep me mooring side.

Eventually got cleaning and half way down the boat I found the grassed over hole in the towpath. Leg into the canal upto the knee just saving myself by hanging on to the top which pull my shoulder and swung me chest into the gunwale resulting in a sore shoulder and bruised ribs.

So today being my birthday the extended fishing session has gone west as has the trip out on my motorbike. Rest and relaxation........what an old git I am!

Take care, simple accidents can have larger consequences,


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Halfie said...

If you're going to fall in you might as well do it properly, Nev. It's no good being half-hearted about it, you'll only do yourself an injury. I write from experience. In up to above my knee slipping between bank and boat: bruised shin. Complete topple in (from the bow): no injury other than to my pride. It was tricky to get out from the Thames, though!

Hope you recover quickly.