Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A tool for the job

I have blogged before about how useful having a bike aboard a boat is. Below is a pic of my trusty Brompton parked up after saving the day ( a bit dramatic maybe)

When we were last out I realised I had left my medications behind. So I got the trusty Brompton out and cycled back to Fradley folded it up into the car, back to Derby to pick up the tablets and then back to Fradley all in the space of just over an hour.

The challenge is to work out how to fit two aboard so we can do shopping/exploring when we are out and about. If we ever do the live aboard or long term cruising option I think the bike might be nearly as important as the fishing rod.

I did use the Brompton when on the Llangothlen earlier in the year. We decided to slow the cruise down and stop for the weekend just short of Swanley marina. Picture above. I cycled into Nantwich and through to Stapelely Water gardens for fishing supplies (maggots)

I like the fact I brought this bike before I had a boat knowing one day I'd use it in the way described above


NB.Belle said...

Know what you mean about the benefits for having a fold up bike on board. After trawling the Internet looking for folding bikes, I decided to order a Strida SX about three weeks ago.

Bike is ready for dispatch, but the cover I ordered at the same time is on back order, so I will have to wait a bit longer.

I already know the towpath cycle code, so it will be a case for practicing it now instead of just preaching it!

Cheers, Chris.

Nev Wells said...


That looks loke a well engineered bike - I'd be interested to see how it foes on the tow path....


jonali said...

Having a Brompton is the direct reason we now have a narrowboat. We used to take our bromptons to our second house up north and go for rides on the L and L canal. two summers ago we passed the new marina at Reedley, Burnley being built and thought how nice a boat would be instead of the little house we had. And the rest as they say is history. Sadly on the narrowboat we don't really have room for two bromptons, but we just move the boat instead when we want to travel the canal nowadays.
Ali nb Tormentil