Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ok Ok I admit it I have a shiny boat.....

Andrew on Grannybuttons and others have blogged about shiny boats recently. It has given me a complex for sure... !!

When I had a dull boat with uninspiring colours I was sad and wanted it painting. Now I have a great paint job and I feel I am in a class of boaters disrespected by other boaters because we are shiny.

You know I can understand this but I still want to keep my boat shiny. I think the best looking boats are those that have a classic colour scheme that has faded....Don't Panic who moors next to us is very much in that league. A little dull on the reflections but looking used and 'classic' Problem is I fear the transition based on what I know it cost me to metamorphose Waterlily from a grey and blue hand job (painted that is) to the classic green and red she is today.

I want to be worn and used but can't face the transition. So please be gentle with your opinion of our shiny boat. We know we have got to wear and tear her and we will but let us enjoy our sparkly time - it won't last long I promise !!

Take care and I hope to have a few catch ups... if nothing more than to maintain the record of our times on board.



Debbie said...

Hi Nev

If it helps, we have a shiny boat also, a) because it's still fairly new, and b) because he polishes it at every opportunity to the point of being a bit obsessive. Sometimes I just wish he'd just leave it to get dirty so we wouldn't stand out so much, but then I'd be complaining it looked grubby. It's a no win situation!!

Debbie said...

Hi Nev, I only wish I could afford to have Tickety Boo transformed into a "shiny"!! I still love her just the same though. Do you think I could start a "Dullys" or "Mattys" club. Your proud of Waterlily and her resplendent shine, don't let anyone rain on your parade, or your boat lol!

Heth said...

Ditto Nev,

Shiny boats have nowt to be ashamed of - I think the original niggle many years ago was that us shiny boaters never went very far & were therefore just "playing" at boating... Thing is tho I've seen many many boats with dull / scrappy paintwork that never move at all... Which sorta disproves the whole issue - if it ever was one lol

Be proud of your shiny boat!


Nev Wells said...

Debbie, Debbie and Heth,

Thank you for your kind words, it is a irony that there are most probably more boats all beat up that stay put than those like mine that do move but are restricted to non work time cruising.

I will hold my head up high and enjoy the shiny part of my time with my boat, it will be but a fleeting whiff of canal time before she is an uglyish duckling again.....