Tuesday, 28 September 2010


We have not done a lot of cruising over the last few months as we try and stay put during the school holiday. We like meeting other boats but not too keen on fender to fender boating, it makes it sound bad but it isn't really motorway type boating.

Anyhow we did go out mid August for my birthday (or close to) We went out on the 12th and back on the 15th. It was a short hop up to our favourite mooring between Woodend lock and Kings Bromley. I follow Sarah's Chertsey blog and knew she was returning from a trip to Newark. Sure enough whilst fishing I heard the distinctive classic engine note approaching and made my introductions.

What struck me was how happy they both looked. Boating is a reasonably simple (if not cheap) joy and there was no doubt Sarah and Jim were just happy being on the counter taking their P&J back to its moorings.

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