Sunday, 25 July 2010

When is a 70 foot mooring really a 45 foot mooring....

......when BW want to generate maximum income for the canals!!

This was the bullshit line that BW tried to pass to me when my boat was moved by BW earlier in the year. The reason given was that it was important to maximise income for BW. SO WHY HAVE THEY JUST ALLOWED A 70 FOOT MOORING TO BE OCCUPIED BY A 45 FOOT BOAT !

I can't wait to see if they dare tender another mooring at Hunts lock. What will they tender... the 45 foot one that is now available or a 70 foot mooring and TRY and move many boats to now grow the 45 foot mooring hole back to a 70 foot hole.

The problem with BW is that they have never seemed to understand the passion that goes along with the resource they try to manage - not cycling, fishing, walking, running, but BOATS - the things the bloody canals were built for. We get treated like second class citizens, nothing really changed in all these years as the original boaters were regarded very poorly, a third class citizen if you like.

So another letter to BW's head of boating will be written asking how this circle is to be squared.

Rant over...... back to cleaning bird shit off my boat.


No offence is aimed at the boaters on Hunts they are a good bunch and trying to enjoy their passion, I will not get in the way of that.


BELLE said...

No offence taken. I can understand your anger and frustration at BW's ineptitude in this case.

I expect BW will put a space up for tender, but, if its the one that has just been vacated, I reckon the uptake will be slow. I say this because of the two short sections of piling that 'jut out', effectively gapping most of the boat length a couple of feet from the bank, providing lots of opportunities for falling in - not many boaters would accept that arrangement.

I can't see these short sections of piling being pulled out by BW in a hurry - to do so would require 'tooling up' with substantially more than just a paint brush and a mower!

Cheers, Chris ;-)

Nev Wells said...


I am concerned they (BW) will now want to shuffle a greater number of boats to make the 45 foot mooring into a 70 foot mooring.

I have decided that I will not contact BW as this might alert them to the fact they have a possible mooring to tender. I am working on the presumption they will assume the Drummond mooring has been filled by another boat on from a BW mooring and not make the simple connection that would see them tendering Shortone's mooring. Plus the fact the people on Shortone seem a nice couple.

At the end of the day it is not worth getting too wound up about....

Hope to be at the boat later today or tomorrow for some time.



Nev Wells said...

One other thing I would have thought BW would not want to tender the moorings Shortone came from based on H&S that is why Don't Panic was put on Hunts because the mooring offered at the workshops was too dangerous to get to.

I agree they will not crew up and bring the hardware to site to extract the pilings and dredge to maker the 45 foot mooring safe and usable.