Thursday, 22 July 2010

Calling Halfie...

Can you stretch to this.....Les Allen Tug style

It is a real nice looking and well specc'd boat. Not for everyone as it is a bit limiting for visitors but to own I'm sure would be a pleasure.

I'm tempted to have a look myself. The RN engine has to be the one to go for just a shame the boatmans cabin is not a double - I thought they all were unless it was a compromise when first built.

A real go anywhere boat that would make a great holiday boat/extended cruise boat..... where is my cheque book !



Jan said...

Halfie would like to comment but he's in bed with a temperature at the moment. Normal service will be resumed when he's feeling better (very soon I hope!).

Nev Wells said...


Sorry to hear that, get well soon mate,


Halfie said...

Hi Nev, I'm back in the land of the living. Looks a great boat, but rather more than my budget! Thanks for thinking of me, though.

Nev Wells said...


I'm glad you are feeling better. I think I'll go and look at the boat sometime next week (I'm in North Wales this weekend) Not that I can afford it or really need it but I'm curious to see the boatmans cabin and also get a look at the engine !

My ideal next boat would be more like Jo's Hadar. Something that is modern inside but looks trad with a engine room and some space under cloth at the front - not quite as much as Hadar.

Take care