Thursday, 8 July 2010

Inverter is on its way....

Keeping with the theme of things being on their way.... I ordered this inverter on Monday and have just received a text to tell me it will be delivered in a couple of hours. I ordered it from Caravan and Leisure who phoned my on Monday after they received my order to say they did not have any in stock but were expecting some later in the week - did I want to wait or cancel. When I said I'd wait the lady said she would phone me when it was in and get it out on a timed next day delivery -excellent service so one company to recommend.

Why a cheap inverter..... well son no.2 came aboard for the last two days of our slow anticlockwise failed Llangollen four counties cruise and tried to use his hair straighteners !! on the 150w inverter we have had since owning the boat. Fuse pops and the replacement fuse pops etc so I had to presume he had done more damage to the little inverter than the fuse should have protected. I brought a cheap Belkein 300w jobbie from Amazon for under £20 which will now be a reserve item on the boat.

One issue we have is dust and pollen at this time of the year... yep not good to be in the country if you have bad hay fever. We have a Dyson that sits in the little shed on our mooring that we can only run from our 2kw genny which is a pain to get out and get going so the plan is to install this bad boy under the bed and link it to our 240v circuit and keep the dyson under the dinette so we can give the boat a good vac out when we are aboard or out and about.... just got to fit it and get the cables through the bulk head to the batteries. The little 300w had a cigarette lighter connection so it was easier to install.

We did not want to spend a fortune on a Victron or similar system so we will take a punt on this - if it works I might be selling my very little used genny.

I should say I opted for the remote control for it so we can have it under the bed out of the way and have the small remote switch somewhere convenient.


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