Saturday, 10 July 2010

Inverter in and WIFI sorted

A day of jobs today both at the house and on the boat. General tidy and clean at home including mowing the laws before we got to the boat just after 11.

I set to installing the inverter. The only place I could easily put it was in the engine hole attached to the top of the battery box. Not ideal but until I can get some longer leads it'll have to do. I have a remote for it so that is in the cabin easily accessible.

It does run the Dyson so we now have an option to take the Dyson with us to keep the dust down when we cruise - plus I don't have to lug the genny out so often.

Then I set to tidying all the cables around the TV by drilling a large hole in the top of the counter and feeding the surplus cables down into the cupboard.I got a natty £5 4 way adaptor from Morrisons that allows each plug to be switched on/off so this is sitting in the cupboard now and it has my Solwise 3g wireless router on it.

Thanks to Chris from Belle for this link to a bit of kit that has made the web so much more enjoyable while afloat. We were a dongle out of the window boat but now we have a little router sharing the wireless via the dongle. I opted for a 3g ariel so I know I have the best possible reception - best of all I just turn on the router and laptop and I have wireless 3g.

I brought Rachel an Ipad for her birthday but did not opt for the 3g version just the wireless one, knowing she could use it at the same time as me on the boat. Works a treat. The Ipad is a great bit of kit for mail and web while aboard - if you are thinking of getting one you will not be disappointed.

So plenty done meaning a roof wash in the morning and then we can relax !

Bloody warm aboard tonight ..............


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