Saturday, 6 February 2010

The frost damage was greater than first thought !!

I posted before my hols about the frost damage on Waterlily here ....

I visited today (Saturday) to fix the pipe behind the cooker shown in the pic from the link above. The cooker came out ok (lighter than I thought) and I fixed the joint by taking it back to the elbow and putting in a new piece of pipe. Turned on the water and pump only to hear the sound of running water still !!! Argh.....

I let it run for some time to find the second leak.....

The frost had opened up a run of pipe completely - under the pot cupboard of course which is very difficult to get at meaning a partial dismantling of the boat !

The split was under the cupboard middle top. I spent some time scrabbling around cutting the pipe and sweating a new piece in.

I can't beleive that none of the pipes were lagged at all. Needless to say as it went back all the pipes were lagged as best as possible.

After I fixed the 2nd leak I fired up the water pump and could hear water running in the bathroom - this time it was the washer on the shower mixer that had been damaged. So the mixed tap came off the wall and was stripped and put back - it was a teasing puzzle !

All went back pump on and up to pressure and nothing .... no water sounds no pump running on and on..... So 3-0 to the frost. It makes me wonder how many others will return to their boats in spring to the same problems. Just happy I have the tools and ability to sort out the damage.

Just got to finish the lagging and reassembly then I can enjoy the boat again



Captain Ahab said...

Hi Nev - that sounds like a typical boat job - what should take an hour gets all complicated and consumes a whole day!

nb piston broke said...

glad you enjoyed your hols will you be going again next year at the same time regards Paul

Nev Wells said...


A pain for sure but at least i know a lot more about my boat now !!


I'd rather be on the boat when the weather gets so cold, stops the problems I have experienced. I don't think I'll be going back to Egypt, been there done that.... I fancy some European motorcycling for my next sun fix....