Saturday, 13 February 2010

25th Wedding anniversary cruise part II

We are aboard now - a silver wedding cruise part II (part one being Egypt that I'll blog about later)

We came aboard on Thursday evening lit the fire and got cosy. We cruised to Alrewas on Friday and winded and came back up the fradley locks to the top of Shadehouse and got the last mooring - strange as there were no boats at all on the 48 hours moorings opposite the BW offices.

Our lads joined us on Friday night for a curry on board and a good time was had by all.

Today we moved on and I have just been in the engine ole to replace the alternator belt as it was squealing and the rev counter was jumping around and the green Advarc battery light was on and off = slipping alternator belt. It was at full adjustment so I stopped above Woodend lock and replaced it with a new spare on board. Now no squealing and the rev counter is showing the correct revs.

We will be winding at Kings Bromley and staying the night in the wilds to see in our 25th Wedding anniversary - perfect.



Sue said...

Congrats, Hope you have a lovely evening.. remote eh? Not to be disturbed later? Teehee!

Halfie said...

Congratulations, both of you, and enjoy your stay in the wild.

Nev Wells said...


Many thanks for your kind thoughts, pleased to report we were not disturbed and had a great evening and we are enjoying a loveley relaxed morning...

Take care