Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Marking the passing of time.....

It occurred to me I have seen the demise of a few blogs of boaters who have been cruisung and have given up and gone back to dry land..... it puts a mark in the timeline of my ownership of a canal boat and my interest in reading other boaters blogs.

It is a shame when a blogger gives up - for whatever reason. It seems to define the size of the canal network that someone can do it all then sell the boat and go off to do something else. I feel that canals are in my blood like motorbikes (I know that don't make good bed partners), I can't see how easy it wold be to walk away from the canals so to speak

It was reading a post by the owner of Marmaduke that got me thinking - especially of Snecklifter, who's blog and travels I was an avid follower of.


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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Some BLOG'ers are just hibernating!

Cheers, Chris.