Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Shardlow by cycle

Due to the declutter and spring clean that took place during the daylight hours of Saturday we gave ourselves a day offish on Sunday. The intention was a nice cycle ride down Sustrans route 6 to Elvaston castle. This is a nice off road ride on the cycle path that follows the Derwent from the park across the road from our house to just about the castle.

Picnic consumed we has the legs top do some more so we went via Ambaston to Shardlow. I got my canal fix. In fact I think it is very much like that. I feel more eased if I get to the canal - does that sound daft or does it happen to others?

We had a lovely Jam Cream and scones in the tea room by the clock Warehouse lock. I took this shot on my phone......

There were a few boats moving today while we indulged ourselves (Greygal NO......)

We were there for only a short while and then it was a slog home. 22 miles and with only three gears (my Gary Fisher mountain bike needs to TLC)

All in all a good reward for the declutter

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