Thursday, 19 March 2009

Canal fix part II

I wonder at what point you become an addict - is that when you move onto the canal full time?

I went out for a ride on my motorbike last night and ended up at Fradley Junction... two reasons, both poor, but it gave me an excuse for a ride out

  1. To see if stolen boat Que Sera Sera had been doubled back or cruised there by some unsuspecting buyer (you will have to read the link for all the detail.
  2. To check if Waterlily was OK - I just get a bit wobbly when I hear of boats being stolen.
This is a gratuitous pic of my bike, motorbikes and canals go so very well together.

Its hurting right now - sitting here thinking of being on the cut. I need all you poetic and able scribes out there to increase the rate of your blogging to keep me topped up.



English Blogger said...

I hate no being on The Robber Button for more than a week, esp if there are adverse weather conditions. I always have awful picture of bursts and floods... We have quite secure moorings at Great Haywood.

Nev Wells said...

Great Haywood would be one of the preferred marinas if we ever came off the linier mooring we have. It has some good route options and nice long weekend moorings.... just about 600 quid more expensive than where we are at the moment - but I should really have a ride/drive over to have a proper look,