Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Battery update and a reminder of previous owners

Just for me......

When we arrived on Waterlily on Sunday the battery monitor as showing 81% and 12.5v and 12.6v (starter)

On leaving after a simple two hours to wind waterlily the gauge was showing 91% and 12.8v and 12.9v

It seems to be settling down now so I don't think I'll post more unless I get issues....

whilst winding in Alrewas I was hailed by a couple who asked how long I had owned Waterlily - they were sad to hear of how I got to own her - with the death of the previous owner - they said they had met him and his wife on the Kennet and Avon canal two years ago - that must have been his last cruise. hey remarked what a nice couple they were - it reminded me of my need to write to the lady to let her know where and what waterlily was up to.

Its a sad reminder of our mortality - so I say get out there and do it before someone else takes the decisions away from you,

Stay safe,


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