Sunday, 6 May 2012

Now now Bruce.....

.... as if there were not enough angst amongst bloggers at the moment Bruce is blogging about having me evicted !!

I agree with Bruce about one thing in his post and that is now nice Alrewas is. It is on a good waterway, road network and has a good balance of needed shops and pubs. It is also a very pretty village no doubt with the canal being at its centre. It is close with Stone as being top alternative places for us to live and we keep an eye on the local property market.

So (light hearted no more flame wars here) Bruce has commented on linear moorings and BW's or will it be Cart's policy. I have been involved with BW over this issue clicky here with an extract below for my blog reference.

My opinion is that there needs to be a balance. Anyone who has done parts of the Shroppie will know how stop/start it can be with linear moored boats. I like them, that is because I never cruise in a hurry and part of the attraction of the waterways is the variety of boats moored up. I like to wave at the occupants and smell their wood smoke! But there has to be some control. I think like most 'rules' to manage a situation BW's are too constrictive. I also know we are one of the attractions at Fradley. When there are no boats moving people come and wander down looking (in many cases in envy) at our little community of boats. I know I did it regularly and therefore we are a shop window for the canals and the interest/lifestyle. I sometimes think I should be being paid by BW at Fradley as part of their show!

Anyhow, the complexities of the BW linear mooring (non) removal is below, make of it what you will. One thing is for sure linear moorings are  much valued, as the last time one came up at Hunts it went for over £2,000 that is a lot when you consider no water or electricity, and for a 58 foot boat getting close to marina prices.

I like Hunts, so next time you pass give me a wave and Bruce, I am at the boat later so I'll pop down for a fight then a cup of tea !

Take care and don't take it personally, for anyone who has a linear mooring, marina mooring or no mooring, we are first and foremost boaters.

.... and finally for those not in the know of the area, this is what we are talking about, what a fine welcome to one of the oldest parts of the canal system?


Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Nev

This is really interesting and answers the remark I made very effectively. I'd missed your original post.

See you later, maybe,

All the best


Carol said...

Mmmmm I had to more opposite those on a recent holiday. Needs must after a very hot days cruising and the need for food. The lady in the boat opposite wasn't impressed. LOL

Nev Wells said...


We do get people mooring opposite which is of course their right I have no issue unless they run engines and generators which has been the case after 8 pm of course. Fradley is full this evening and it has been busy all day and boats are still locking up and down as I type at 6pm. I hope you enjoyed your holiday

Anonymous said...

Hi Nev one good point you made is you go past moored boats slowly, does seem to me that the majority don't slow down anymore. Moored at the top lock at Fradley tonight,will of course slow down past Waterlily in the morning
NB shell bell

Carol said...

I had a fantasic holiday, thanks. It was during that gorgeous 1 week of hot sunny weather we had in March. I try to be a considerate boater and tend to turn the engine off around 7 or earlier if we have someone moored behind us. Ordinarily I wouldn't moor opposite private moorings, but that evening I was just too knackered to continue and didn't fancy cooking dinner myself. We hired our boat from Aqua incidently. It was a lovely boat and we were asked by quite a few people if they could take a look. One of these days when I have the funds for a boat of my own, it's Aqua who will be building it for me.

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Hear hear Nev, I love to see well kept Linear Moorings ;))
I also have a lot of walkers passing on the opposite bank to me who pass nice comments about the boats and the lovely smell coming from the log burners.

Carol it's a shame you encountered an unfriendly boater, you would have been welcomed opposite me with a cheery wave, and any information you needed about water points, local shops etc. Hopefully in future that will be the case for you.


Carol said...

Hi debbie
Well she wasn't too unfriendly. Probably just having a grumpy day, she could have chased us off with a broom but didn't. LOL. Should I ever cruise towards Liverpool I will tap on your roof but I am booked with Aqua again next year so will probably tap on Waterlily's instead. :-)