Sunday, 20 May 2012

The A6006 and Foxton Locks

Well it's a bike and boat post. I used to go into the Leicestershire wolds with some friends a few years ago. There are some great roads. not having taken my newish bike that way I had some free time this afternoon so I pointed the Pan eastwards and went off to the A6006 and B 6047. The roads do not disappoint in this area and the fact it was late afternoon and quite cool meant there was just enough traffic to make the trip enjoyable.

I had to stop after a series of sweeping bends climbing up on the B6047 to take this pic. I set the sat nav to Foxton and revisited. The last time I was here was the first trip after buying my 700 Deauville.

NB Bob Doubles was going through the swing bridge in Foxton ( I think) which I stopped for on the way back.

I still do not know this area if the top is nearer Leicester or indeed what route goes where. I really need to check my Nicolsons next time I am on my boat. It could be the Leicester ring is this years summer cruise?

The route back was Leicester then M1 fast trip back. About 120 miles all in, a nice afternoon trip out.

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No Direction said...

I tried sensible biking once, traded in my CBR 600 for a Pan but the plan failed, I was soon back on a Fireblade, then another and another, you know how it goes with sportsbikes.

Nev Wells said...

Closest I got was a lovley yellow firestorm, I wish I could have kept it just to listen to it with its carbon cans..... My old body did not like the riding position so it went and was replaced by a 750 monster. Do you still ride?