Monday, 14 May 2012

I don't wear a wig.....

Our boat is now 2 years older than when we had her painted. Justin did a good job but now nature is have her go and a few areas are showing need for attention. It got me thinking to how I should approach this.

We chose the colours to age gracefully and now I am thinking about touching the paint up. It will not match, mother nature's partner the sun will see to that so is it worth doing. I suppose bad patches of rust will need to be done, there are only a couple . One on the roof where a windlass was put/dropped/thrown and the roof hatch.

But then I am also a couple of years older, nature also has her plans for me and I accept them hopefully gracefully. No wig (I have less hair than some ...) no botox the tooth taken out was not replaced by a plate or any other expensive dental procedure, glasses are a must, but you get the picture?

So I think I will let Waterlily grow older with a little control as I do and see how she sands up against the elements.

Still saving for the next paint job so I suppose I should explore the Wayne Rooney approach of transplanting hairs from my arse to my head.... there is a joke there I'm sure ! !

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Heather TakeyTezey said...

Don't do it Nev!

One slip of the hand with a pair of tweezers can do a lot of damage!!