Wednesday, 21 March 2012

One month + and counting

I gave up alcohol on the 16th February. I drank too much the night before, supposedly relaxing watching the football but I felt off it the next day. I put too many prescription drug into my body to keep on the level and then I have to add some other drugs  that counter the ill effects of the alcohol. All in all too much for my poor body to deal with.

I don't do moderation so it is all or nothing and so far I'm pleased I am doing nothing and I feel better for it. So onwards and upwards, heavier in the pocket and fresher in the mind, it's my mini health revolution.

One thing that has got me before is being on the boat but when we were there last weekend I did not fold and did not really miss it - good sign, just wish I could do moderation but a bit old to start now.


Heth said...

Well done Nev! Never mind falling off the boat just don't fall off the wagon..

I've been doing an hours workout for a month now. And I've found that I can't even drink a glass of wine afterwards! Getting through gallons of cranberry juice though :)


Nev Wells said...


Still on the wagon, now passed two tests, on the boat and with a drinking pal in Scotland.

A hours workout a month is a little lightweight innit??