Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Broken Squirrel

I deliberately have a KISS principal on Waterlily. Makes it easy for me to maintain an acceptable and enjoyable presence whilst on board. I am sure if and when I spend a considerable amount more time aboard then I might have a few more advanced systems in use, but for now I like simple.

The ubiquitous Squirrel sold fuel stove is fairly robust with few moving parts. However on my last visit on emptying the ash tray I noted a piece of metal I had not tried to burn.... on closer inspection the revolving bottom plate has got a broken arm. When I was getting my engine bits from Midland Chandlers I asked and was pleased they could supply off the shelf a replacement.

Pleased they had one but not so pleased to have to pay £37 for it !

Anyhow on my recent visit after the previous nights fire had gone out I replaced it quite easily and we are back up and running with a fully working fire.


Andrew said...

I think I would have been looking on some internet site for a better price.
To me it looks like the shop have looked at the real price and gone x2. Tell them it's a stove part not a pension fund you want ! :)

Nev Wells said...

I should have asked the price before he put it through the till - never imagined it would be so much, but lesson learnt,