Monday, 12 March 2012

2,000 mile visitor attraction and we are the main event

We were on board over the weekend, and a great time we had as well.

I got there dusk on Friday evening and watered up and warmed up the boat, ready for a special lady in my life bringing me chip shop food - lovely.

Saturday I got the genny out for Rachel to give the boat a good vac through whilst I did an oil, oil filter and fuel filter service. It went very easy and the boat started quite easily. I took the opportunity to wack in some fuel additive to prevent that diesel bug malarkey. The fuel in the filter and the filter itself looked fine....not sure if you saw Tim Spall's latest program where he has blocked filter problems, however I expect a dutch barge on the sea will churn up all the crap from the fuel tank?

In the late afternoon after a  longish siesta that included watching some Rugby we went for a walk in the woods up towards Woodend lock. It was really perfect, this is how I like Fradley, when all the Gongoozlers have gone home. Just wood smoke rising from a few boats, nature doing its last bit of pre night time calling, then over to the night creatures.

Sunday we needed to wind the boat as she is due with Justin at Aqua Narrowboats at the beginning of April. We went to the junction and Rachel did a perfect turn, not before we literally had someone stick a camera into her face as she captained the boat through the locks.   It was really intrusive... but that was how Fradley can be and Sunday was no exception.

This is the lane leading to Fradley junction, the car parks were full and so was every bit of available parking space. Lots of cameras and lots of people just 'watching'. We really are the main attraction and felt it on Sunday. Makes me smile we pay BW or CaRT to be the main event at places like Fradley !

I took the photo above as we returned from a cycle trip to Fradley coop for supplies. The Bromptons are the tool for this job for sure.

 As we had two cars I stayed on after Rachel left for home to do a bit of fishing ... I told you we had a great weekend. I fished until dusk then wended my way to my other home, (to clean off the copious amounts of bird sh!t from the Smart that it had collected whilst parked under the roosting spot of what must have been an Ostrich !)

My goodness boating can be good !

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