Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Will we ever cruise this canal?

It is of course the Cromford Canal. Only two decent pics as my camera battery was out of charge! Just to the right of the bridge is the railway line and then the A6.

We went walking on our anniversary and enjoyed the relative solitude walking this stretch of the canal provides especially on a week day.

These two were from my Iphone, just to show
  1. It was raining for part of the walk
  2. The canal was still iced over in places
The weird thing was today Leia decided to go for a swim across the canal to chase what she thought was a squirrel  - she hates squirrels. She also hates the water but for some reason she went for a full blown swim - daft dog!

Anyhow we pondered if we would ever bring our boat along this scenic canal, I really hope so. We have put Whatstandwell into our Rightmove property alerts as we were quite taken with the houses at the back of the canal, plus this might be a good way of getting a house with a canal frontage..... at some point in the future !


Captain Ahab said...

My hears says yes but my head says no. I would put money on the canal getting to Ironville and Pinxton but the combination of the collapsed Butterley Tunnel and the huge missing section at Ambergate makes this a difficult section to reconnect.

Nick Holt said...

Hi Nev

'fraid I tend to agree with Andy on this one, it's such a shame that the physical barriers are so difficult to overcome. Still, there's no harm in dreaming eh? As my 'home' canal I can't think of anything better than one day being able to cruise home to Cromford!

best wishes