Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Dire straits for deep drafted boats and this years cruising?

Just seen this post about Tring summit water levels - Clicky

The bit about low pounds and red amber and green cruising routes is startling.... see below

BW is shortly going to publish a map showing Red, Amber and Green areas and hopes that boaters will stick to Green routes.
Also BW will man 12 critical sites to ensure that locks are shared. The 10 till 3 openings times will also come into effect. 

We recently looked at a lovely boat but it was quite deep draughted and I could imaging it would be a real problem on low pounds. I recently saw some pics of the pound between Shadehouse and Woodend lock after it had been drained and it was clear unless the centre channel was used anything with a deep draught would struggle.

Challenging times  - one thing we all need is water !

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Anonymous said...

Yes looks like this year will be a real challenge,we got caught last year around Leicester the locks were only open for 4hrs. I hate to say it but we do need rain and lots of it
NB Shell Bell