Monday, 20 December 2010

Having dark thoughts

.... all this travelling to and from to keep my floating investment safe and sound got me dreaming of gas or diesel central heating with timers and guaranteed heat when needed.

I took to seeing what could be retrofitted and ended up looking at new boats !!

Try and put me off this will you...

The reverse layout has some significant attractions as does the rest of the boat. I double fear I may be viewing it to add even more temptation to my existence

One small downside is the cost and more importantly the 'cost to change' even if they did do a part exchange scheme.

I looked at other boats that had recently been sold and fear my boat is worth a lot less that I would like, based o what we paid for It and what we have had done to it.

Ho hum..... let see if this desire fades quickly !



nb.bobcat said...

If it helps.

Bland and characterless?


Ps I love looking at Boats for Sale.

Captain Ahab said...

Poor WB has been left unattended for nearly a month. Belle's injury and the snow have made a visit imposssible. Hey ho - if its ok and if its not I will just have to fix it in the new year. nd I thought lst year was as bad as it could get.

Debbie said...

If it helps I want one too!!

Nev Wells said...


I did help, I think my boat has loads more character - she is old and tired but willing - bit like me really!


I like the approach - if its broke you will fix it - simple. However we like to get aboard lite the fire open the gas turn on the water and relax. Last year change the relax bit to start plumbing !


It did help and I hope Santa can manage two on his sleigh one for me and one for you, if he don't deliver I'm not sitting on his knee ever again !

Take care all,


Nev Wells said...

Follow up....

I did pop over for a look. It is a nice boat and I did not realise that they were built in this country not Poland - that is the Aqualine range which is more expensive. This one seems a good spec for the price, they may be coming over to insult me with a price for Waterlily !

I need to get aboard Waterlily and enjoy her rather than being unfaithful to her !