Monday, 6 December 2010

-7c outside, freezing fog - lets go to the boat!

I have my multimeter on the window cill at home with its cable temp probe outside. It was -7 c at 7pm after we had eaten so we took the 'adventure' decision to go to the boat and warm it up to give the pipe work a chance.

This decision was in part informed by me reading stuff on about prepping the boat for winter. It occurred to me I had not 'opened' the water outlet to the loo meaning if we got ice there it would just burst the fitting meaning a new loo = expensive. I also picked up a recommendation to unscrew the shower hose. Why I had not thought of this before, especially as last year the shower mixer has to be taken apart and re sealed after ice did its bit.

When we got to Fradley it was very quiet and dark, quite spooky in fact, the fog and cold made for a very atmospheric location. One thing that was surprising was how much warmer it was there. I took the temp gauge with me and could only get 0c to -1c

Engine ran, it was after 8 but needs must and we only ran it to get some heat into the hot water tank plus some juice into the batteries. We left the fire on slow burn to keep the boat warm for the next 12 or so hours.

O - I dropped the multimeter into the cut whilst turning off the gas!

We will monitor the rest of the week.


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