Sunday, 5 December 2010


Sad to read tonight that Heth and Dave from WB Takey Tezey are thinking/planning to give up the boat for possibly sunnier climes.

I can understand having been aboard Waterlily this weekend as well as home. The ease of living a connected life compared to that of getting it all yourself and therefore being reliant on the weather is stark. 1962 (the year I was born) was the end of freight on the canals due to an extended winter with frozen canals, I can see winters like last year and possibly the same or worse this year having a real negative effect on those that live aboard all year. It takes a certain type to front it out like Sue and Vic on NB No problem, iced in at Market Drayton on water rationing - hardy souls who have my full admiration.

Andrew Denny off NB Granny Buttons is bucking the trend by moving from his house to full time on board, ironic that he is iced in at Mercia, can't get away even if he wanted to.

I cannot see us ever living full time aboard, I plan for seeing most of the country by canal, Snecklifter was my inspiration, but when/if we do it it will be extended stays on board with trips home to hopefully somewhere by or close by the canal.

I suppose it is another indication of the cycles in life that people come and go into my focus because they have a common interest in boats, then they dissapear into their next phase of life leaving a little hole of memories.

Good night,



Captain Ahab said...

People often ask if I want to live on a boat and my honest answer is no. It may be where my heart is but its all just too small and confined for everyday - especially in the winter.

Heth said...

Hi Nev,

Ohhhh, The tide has turned since then, hole in the roof, wood burning stove, it's all happenin - well we think so - well we hope so. Could solve all our probs. And this sounds like some kind of fairytale but tis a start.

It's thanks to so many other boaters like yourself who've advised without forcing the issue that's turned us round from not entertaining the thought of a wood burning stove to going for it with enthusiasm. And we've learned so much in the process about the advantages of it too.

Captain Ahab, I have the solution, buy a widebeam with a wood burning stove instead, (preferably already installed) lol

Sorry, I know you must love your narrowboat I'm just full of solutions to problems at the mo, after what we've just been thru, most of which are probably rubbish but never mind its the thought that counts :-)