Monday, 29 November 2010

Running repairs

Last but one visit to Waterlily found the central heating pump not working. The pump is a little noisy so I feared the worst. However on further investigation I tracked the fault to a failed pipe thermostat I put into the system a couple of years ago One of the benefits of blogging is I know it was October 2008.

I went onto eBay and got an brand new one inc delivery for just over a fiver. Not sure how it can be made marketed shipped and profit taken but I have to presume it makes someone money.

As we will be leaving the fire in and pump on I did not want it running unnecessarily so I have just wired in the replacement, set it to just over 40c and we will monitor it. It does sometimes wake us in the night but then it is just doing its job - when the pump does fail I will replace it with something a little quieter.

I should say I think our system was designed to work pumpless based on pipe thickness and uphill runs but it does heat the boat better initially with the pump on. We can of course override the thermostat by changing the temp on the dial forcing it to run all the time.

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