Wednesday, 24 November 2010

It has to have a canal connection

I could not resist taking advantage of the Bike to Work scheme recently offered. I have three light hearted ambitions

1. To visit America - Done twice now
2. To catch a Barbel, its still out there waiting for me....
3. To cycle from Lands end to John O'Groats !!

Spot the connection ....

So my new ped arrived last week and I started my 'training' with a 10 mile shake down ride on Saturday touching the Peak District then Sunday with a 20 ride out to Willington.

Can you spot possibly the most expensive boat (secondhand) on the waterways?

Six boats up from the bottom £170,000 to you - yeah right

Looking down into Duffield as I test the granny gears.



Halfie said...

Granny gears?

Captain Ahab said...

Whitefield? White Elephant more like!
Glad you enjoyed my Caldon posts.

Nev Wells said...


The inner chainring, makes it so easy your granny could get up the hills


The Caldon is one of my favourites - good memories, I'm glad you got back ok and really enjoyed reading about the cruise. Not sure I'd have risked the paintwork through Froghall tunnel !