Monday, 12 April 2010

Cycling and boating go together like beer and crisps

As we do not have a boat to be on at the moment I scratched my canal itch by cycling down to Mercia marina to check on the paint progress - well Rachel had not seen the boat being painted.

We have a route that we have done before that takes in the old Friargate line (this used to pass my house and I used to climb on the old engine sheds as a lad !!) Anyhow this time we did the route in reverse meaning we did the disused railway route (Sustrans 54) last which was better in my opinion - At 22 miles it was a bit much for Rachel for a first run out of the year.

The lads at Aqua were working hard so we spied into the dry dock and then left for a picnic by the Shakespeare boats

I bet this time last week most of these boats were between Willington and Fradley ! There are some old favourites we see a lot of as they trek up and down this bit of canal.

It was a good day. I like the pace of cycling - you see so much more just like on the boat. You talk to people as well and understand what nature is doing - temperature, wind and rain are all a bit more real on a bike.

I have long thought all cars should be stripped of all the comforts so people would use them less. Might not get the votes however.

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