Sunday, 21 September 2008

Another beautiful morning

Leia lets us know when it is time for a walk, I don't mind as it gets me out into the beautiful countryside at Fradley.

Once again I'll drop in some photos to show it rather than try to describe it. Anyhow we took a longish walk up to Woodend lock, I was surprised how many boats were moving so early, then again it is Sunday and a beautiful day in store.

This is looking down the Coventry from the junction

This one is up by the turn to Woodend lock, you can see the mist rising with the sun shining through it.

Yesterday was a success in that we got the grass strimmed - a bigger task than it sounds, plus I cleared out the engine bay of all the previous owners stuff - he really was a hoarder. I have put what needs to be kept in the 'shed' and only kept the essential in the engine bay. I am sure it would have failed the boat safety with so many combustible items next to the engine.

While I was doing the strimming Rachel was giving the boat a good vac out with the Dyson and them she rubbed down the areas near the windows that needed a paint and masked and painted them up. This is really just a holding position to get Waterlily through the winter as she really needs a full repaint sooner rather than later. Anyone with recommendations I'd be happy to hear from you.

So off back home shortly to do some pottering there, well as much as I can with the aches the shingles s giving me at the moment.....


Well as it happens we got a text from Rachels sister Sharon asking if we wanted to go for a walk (she dod not know we were on the boat) so we invited Sharon and the family for lunch and a walk from Fradley.

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