Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Teeth and resprays

Nothing canal related. Having checked my extensive list of RSS feeds for canal updates and there not being many I thought I'd at least post something (even if its drivel)
So the aching tooth is no more. I had it taken out today. Dentist got a right sweat on getting it out as its roots were twice as big as he expected so I have a large hole in my gums now :-(

I am hoping for a bigger than normal payout from the tooth fairy based on its size (yes i did bring it home) Remember the Brompton - still very much enjoying riding it. Here is the link to the 'converters'. I used it to get across Derby to the dentist today in just 11 minutes, I'm sure I could not have done it quicker in the car.
I am thinking of getting my Ducati resprayed. The tail cowling fell of it the other day and is now nicely scratched to bits so rather than just get that resprayed back to blue I fancy a proper red Ducati - like this ......

Anyway, no more drivel - I'll get onto the collection of Waterlily next.....

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