Saturday, 12 April 2008

It was an Abbott self propelled gun actually

It was still a buzz to drive.

We spent a few days at our friends (John and Carrie) farm house in Scotland. On the Monday we drove over to Galloway tanks and took the Abbott self propelled gun for a spin.

We all had a go. For our sins Carrie and me were passengers when Tom, our eldest son, had his go. He was encouraged to give it some and we got roundly bounced around as a result.

Tom in action below.....

We went for a lovely walk on the Tuesday - about 6 miles from Portpatrick. This part of southwest Scotland is very remote and does not get many visitors - so its very attractive for people like me, who like nothing more than empty roads and friendly but limited people contact.

A few pics from the walk on the Tuesday....

It was so sunny we all got a little burnt - roll on the summer.

Now Waterlily and the Whilton experience........

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