Friday, 7 December 2012

Sad times

Just sad, nothing boating related and not something to blog about.

Sad I suppose also that we will be parting company with Waterlily soon, well she will go on brokerage which means apart from checking her we will not be spending any more time on her. It's funny how attached you get to a bit of floating steel, I think it's the happy times and good memories we have. I think as and when she sells I'll close the blog with a montage of images of our time owning Waterlily. That is of course if she sells, fingers crossed.

I will be leaving some printouts so anyone who does view will be able to visit this blog and spend as much time as they want seeing how we have improved her and where she has been.

I have been moving possessions off Waterlily today.... see Percy's blog for more ....

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