Monday, 10 December 2012

It looks like it will be Great Haywood

I called over to see Great Haywood boat sales on Friday and the gentleman took my number and advised I'd get a call back. I did today from Ellie who was very enthusiastic, just what I want to hear especially as the boat buyer will hopefully get the same enthusiasm.

It looks like Waterlily will be heading for sale with them from Great Haywood marina. This is something we wanted as we needed her to be safe, offline with accompanied viewings only. They are not the cheapest but I expect worry free sales....I was impressed when i viewed boats there before, and the follow up calls seeing if I was sorted. They answered emails quickly also.... all good signs.

The other benefit is that thay have a slip there for surveying - if any interested parties need a survey. We had one five years ago so that might be good enough for someone to save a few hundred quid?

Just keeping an eye on the weather, I expect some ice over the next day or so but then it is mild wet and windy to clear any ice away. Ideally we would want her on brokerage before Christmas to allow those new Year dreams to be realised with the ownership of a very nice boat !!

It will also allow us to make the arrangements with CART to swop over the mooring permit.... and give them some  more money !

Watch this space....

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with selling waterlily I hope she sell quickly.