Friday, 30 November 2012

Two boat family

We now have 110 foot of boat (s)  Only for a limited time as poor Waterlily will be up for sale soon.

We completed on Percy today. Jill and Tony Redshaw are a really genuine nice couple and it is a privilege to take their boat on for as long as we can before he is passed to someone else to live with !

For some photo's click here..... clicky me for Percy

I'll keep posting on both sites for now and will keep Waterlily blog live until she sells. ;-(

Take care



Halfie said...

Really pleased for you that it's all happened at last. Looking forward to seeing (and hearing) it on the cut. How are you getting on with the hydraulics?

Nev Wells said...


Thanks for the best wishes. The hydraulic drive is great so far. A little wine while the oil is cold but not a big deal. easy going from forward to reverse as there is no mechanical gearbox.

A good eight and a half hours today, and a bath at the end of the day !


John White said...

Fantastic news Nev. Congratulations!