Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Insurance - who do you use...?

So getting close now.. the list is done for what I need to complete before Friday....and insurance is up there.

We use craftinsure for Waterlily at the moment. Costs us about £120 per year. I have just completed the on line quotation for Percy and it is coming out at £225 with a £150 excess, down to £191 with a £300 excess.

The other company I am drawn to is Towergate..... they give options:

The Breakdown option appeals as at the moment we are paying for RCR £155 for their silver cover.

I have just printed off the towergate policy docs so some bedtime reading.

I'd be interested in who you use and why?




Adam said...

Towergate Mardon. We'd had a good experience with them with Debdale. When the renewal came through most recently, I phoned and they beat a quote from another company. It's worth asking them for a discount!

Halfie said...

I'm with Euromarine. Not had to make a claim.

Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Nev,
We use towergate Marden, have for hthe past 7 years and they've given us great rates and excellent coverage. We haven't had to call upon them thank goodness! Stay warm, dry, and well. Our best to you and Rachel,
Jaq and Lesx

Captain Ahab said...

Haven Knox Johnson - was with Newton Crum but they were a pain about me letting friends borrow the boat and also very restrictive about tidal waters (must have a pilot / another boat with us on the Trent tideway). HKJ have offered good rates for 3 years but i have never had to claim for anything.

Anonymous said...

Navigators & General, Brighton. £184 (5yrs NCB)Excess £100. Good service. Am only 36' but think am paying reasonable price? On the other hand........

Nev Wells said...

Looks like Towergate will be getting the business. They seem to be well regarded and the docs are quite readable. Another tick on the list. Thanks for the responses