Sunday, 23 September 2012

Being used.....?

So an update from my last post. We went to see a boat, it was what we wanted it was something we could live on in a lot of comfort, it was very expensive.

We were advised after the viewing an offer had been made on the boat but refused. The next day I emailed the broker ABNB asking for a second viewing as we were very interested in the boat..... no answer. A couple of days later I emailed again, this time getting a response saying fine for a second viewing, could ABNB have my contact details (they already had them) to contact me prior to the viewing on Wednesday AM. Tuesday pm I still had not heard from ABNB so I phoned to confirm the viewing, bearing in mind this was an expensive boat and I was going to make an offer..... they told me it had been sold !!

I asked more than once if my interest and plans for a second viewing had been relayed to the owners...... ABNB never confirmed this. So I have to assume the owners were not aware of my significant interest before they accepted the offer on the boat. If it had been my boat I would have wanted ABNB to tell me of the interest before I took an offer on selling my boat. Sick, yes I was and whilst ABNB were sympathetic, it went no way towards making me feel anything other than used to generate a higher offer from the original viewer of the boat. I am very pleased for whoever has brought the boat, they have something very special, as to the way I was dealt with by ABNB...... well you can make up your own mind on that one. Interstingly, and I may be paranoid here but I was on the ABNB Friday mailing list..... I never got this weeks update??

So, very frustrated - towards the end of the week close, very close to taking a big step but seems we were not being taken seriously.... dangerous I'd say in any sales situation, especially for the poor person whose item is being sold by a third party.

One thing I have noticed since boat builders have gone under, the trade in good quality second hand narrowboats is brisk.... last time I looked at Great Heywood boat sales their stock of boats on brokerage was very low.


Andrew said...

Thank you for alerting us to the way this broker acted. I guess we must accept some will be equivalent estate agents.

Halfie said...

Nev, you have my sympathy. I, too, "lost" a boat I was very interested in, and it was only when I phoned the broker (not ABNB) to offer the asking price (!) that I was told the boat had been sold. In my case I think I "lost" the boat because I didn't know the mechanics of buying and selling through a broker. I think if I'd been on the phone more, and earlier, rather than relying on e-mail, then we might now have that boat. I was upset for a while about that, but then Jubilee turned up and all is well again. May you find your own "Jubilee" soon!

Anonymous said...

Some things are meant to be you will find your dream

Blue Moon said...

We have been waiting for your update with interest. Sorry that it has worked out this way for you and it sounds like some poor business on the part of the broker. Totally agree with Norwyn though - sure that one day you'll look back and think it was meant to be. Keep searching - your dream is out there somewhere mate.

John & Louise