Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Every little job

Another couple of jobs done on Waterlily today. I fitted a water gauge some while back and it has not proven to be very useful, mainly due to the fact I had not fitted the sensor low enough to record an empty tank. So I stripped it all out and relocated it so it is next to the bottom of the tank, when there is no pressure of water it will show empty.... I also fitted a 360 ariel. I was fed up with twiddling about with the old ariel trying to get a signal, and we had to put it pmand take it down whenever we moored up. Tis one comes with a booster so hopefully no more messing when we moor up or set off, plus it looks tidier. I also spent some considerable time strimming the jungle that is up mooring. I opted out of BW doing after the broke two windows. Bloody frustrating to have just paid over £1200 fore mooring then have to mow it myself ! Every time I do another little job/improvement it makes me less likely to part with e boat.


Anonymous said...

When we passed your moorings on Monday i thought you where maybe going to get a goat or similar lol


NB Shell Bell

Nev Wells said...


It would have needed a heard of goats to get it down... and some.


Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Nev
I have a fuel guage and water guage. Both totaly inaccurate so I now use a dip stick for each marked and varnished. 100% accurate.