Monday, 2 July 2012

...and the dog rescue cruise

It was nothing if not eventful our cruise to Stourport. Apart from the breakdown we rescued two dogs.

You may recall we rescued and rehomed in a couple of days this little chap last year on our Ashby cruise.

He is now called Bosun and lives on Ghosty Hill.

Dog one....

We were prepping Compton lock when a fella with a largish long haired Alsatian walked past. As we were rising in the lock he came running back shouting his dogs name and asked if it had run past. It has not so he went off back up the canal. As Waterlily was coming out of the lock said dog appears running back to me with his owner in chase but well behind. A fella moored up tried to stop the dog which ran past him and despite my common sense alerts sounding (I was badly bitten by an Alsatian when I was a kid, so have a fear of large dogs) I grabbed hold as she came by, she was exhausted so gave in easily. As the bloke approached she decided the canal was a good option and despite me trying to hang on went in. The boat behind us had now thankfully opened the top paddles. By now the owner arrived and was trying to persuade the dog to swim to him, whch it would not do. Eventually I think it decided it was going to go under so it swam to the side. The owner got hold of its front legs and I got it around its middle and hauled her up on to the lock side. She was utterly exhausted. She just lay there and could not get up. Very sad. Waterlily was well down the cut by this time so I left him to it. As we went out of site I saw the dog up on all fours thankfully. However I feared for why she was so reluctant to come to her owner....

Dog two...

As it the case no boats were moving on Friday morning as we moored about half a mile from Deptmore lock. As we go ready to go three boats appeared.... I try not to 'nip out' so we waited and when we got to the lock we were four boats down the queue. As we got to two boats in front of us I went forward to help at the lock. The boat going down said they thought the do sitting patiently by the lock had been left behind by the boat in front on them. They had all been working the lock (six people on the boat) when it was down on the lock landing they had all boarded and cruised on.... I got involved (yep I seem to do that a lot, if there ever was a big disaster I'd be the one walking towards it !) The lovely dog was sitting so patiently... it was quite sad, he was obviously well cared for and luckily had a collar and tag  - with a mobile number on it. I said it they had not returned for him before we went into the lock I'd call... they did not so I did.

...."Hello, do you happen to own a black Labrador and are on a canal boat near Deptmore lock?"

"Why yes we do and yes we are....?"

"Well I think you have left him benind at the lock.."

"O my goodness," the phone went dead.

We locked down and no sign of the returning crew so I rang back and offered to take him aboard and cruise down to the returning party.

They gratefully received him and his tail started to wag. They had a fair walk back and as I passed boat  the owner very kindly popped a bottle of wine on the boat for us and we shook hands.

It is not only David Cameron who looses something special to him.

So we are up to a three dog total for rescued dogs whilst out cruising.


Halfie said...

Did Bosun take the dogs with him?

Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Way back in days gone by, our then new Labrador puppy of 6 mths also got forgotten by a lock. We all thought she was back on board and it wasn't till many miles later that we realised she had been left behind. Panic set in and Ian hurried back the way we had come only to be hailed by a boater coming up behind us asking if this dog was ours!It was such a relieve to get her back so I can fully sympathise on how these other people felt.

Nev Wells said...

Halfie - Ian took the little dog and called him Bosun.

Irene/Ian - their relief was very evident, I'd hate to do that but I can understand it, especially at a busy lock with lots of people around - focussing on the lock. He sat there so loyally - I think he'd still be there now!

Captain Ahab said...

Thats a lovely story.

Anonymous said...

Well that was an eventful trip but at least you didn't end up in the dog house !!!!

NB Shell Bell