Friday, 30 December 2011

As quiet as quiet can be at Fradley

We arrived just before lunchtime and it started to rain as we topped up at Alrewas Coop. Before I lit the fire I gave the chimney a sweep with a flue brush I brought off the Internet. I had seen them at Norbury junction but about 25% more.

After getting the fire going fridge lit and stuff stowed away I took Leia for a walk down the Coventry. It was fine drizzle by now and Fradley was as quiet as I've seen it.

We got back to the boat and the rain has got heavier all afternoon. As I write this the fire is going well the central heating off the back boiler is warming the boat through and the only light is from my IPad. There's only the sounds of the boat - it really is very very peaceful.

Tonight it will be food and some wine. Last night we had a late one as after watching the last two episodes of Harry Potter we went out with my sons telescope to look at Jupiter. Quite fantastic really when you considers the distances involved and also how much the early astronomers knew of the planets with only very basic instruments.

Might have to light a few candles now......

Have a good evening whereever you are,



Anonymous said...

Sounds idyllic and a good reminder of why we all love boating so much.
Jim (from a holiday cottage in rainswept Cumbria)

Nev Wells said...


Rainswept here for much of the day also, but looking at the forecast Fradley will get busier into the New Year.Enjoy Cumbria, it knows how to rain there for sure,