Thursday, 2 June 2011

BW contractors break another window !

Yep, we got Waterlily back on her mooring all safe and sound on Friday then Fountain the BW contractors come to mow the grass on our moorings on Wednesday and broke another window !!!!!!!!!

I got a email from Chris on NB Belle on the Friday giving me the bad news. I met the contractors and BW at my boat yesterday and they agreed to cover the costs (again) of a window replacement. Thing is I have to take it back down to Willington to have the window removed and replaced in a day to remove the risk of water damage as they do it in a day out and over to Newark then back in.

Count to 10..... count to 10...!!


LES said...

Hi Nev,
Les wants to know why can't you hav someone come up right away, replace teh window where you are and give BW the bill for it all?

Sorry to hear you've been dinged twice!
Les and Jaq

Nev Wells said...


We could but it would mean leaving the boat on our mooring for some time with a security risk. We prefer to take it to Justin at Aqua who will do it in a day - when the weather is fine so he does not have to seal it all up while the window is out. Plus he is the best boatyard on the cut!

It also allows us a cruise ;-)

Take care


Halfie said...

Careful, Nev, or BW will start to think you're deliberately putting your windows in the line of fire so you can get new ones! Seriously though, what rotten luck.