Thursday, 19 June 2008

Leia on the water at last

Leia has had her first visit and her first 'holiday' on the boat. She will be a great boat dog for sure. Above and below are shots from her first trip from our mooring to wind in Alrewas prior to our weekend away up to Great Heywood - see below for that.

  • She does not like the water
  • She likes other dogs
  • She likes people
  • She does fart a lot which is a bad thing in enclosed spaces - however I can't imaging five farting greyhounds in a narrowboat is nice !

After winding the boat last Tuesday we set off Friday lunchtime for one of the best weekend cruises we have had on any canal boat. We cruised up to Bridge 69 (Taft Bridge) on the T&M and enjoyed a very remote and quite night on the boat - there was plenty of good space for Leia to enjoy and plenty of things to smell and listen to (she has very big ears !)

On the Saturday we took her into Rugely for a good 4 mile walk - she was a hit in the town. After some lunch we set off for a quick hop to GreatHeywood - below the metal bridge and has this million pound view for the rest of the day.....

We have never spoken to so many people whilst out boating due to Leia, - normally we do a few hi's and hello's but these were long conversations - very sociable.

At the end of the day she was done in.......

I even took the opportunity of a night shot - Granny has whetted my appetite !

Andrew - any comments?

We took a cruise up to Weston on the Sunday to charge the batteries up. I do like this bit of canal. It was a lot busier on Sunday but all very friendly.

Monday saw us come back with a nice early 7am start - the canals are sooooo nice at this time in the morning, especially if it is dry and sunny which it was.

It was so nice we stopped just after the turn at Woodend lock and had food on the towpath and then some more fishing - canal boating is fantastic!

Our next trip out is with our friends from Scotland who will be bringing two collies down - so we might have three farting dogs to compete with Dogsontour

Does Leia get me enrolled into the dog bloggers roll call them??

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Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Hi Nev

She certainly does and you are now on my Dog Roll. As for five farting greyhounds, well, if they all did it simultaneously, then life would be nigh impossible, thankfully they share the burden and take turns, keeping methane levels tolerable.

Leia is extremely cute....

All the best