Thursday, 10 January 2013

Deposit received, buyer pulls out

A rather hectic day today with my University hosting stargazing live  - part way through the preparations I recieved a call from Great Haywood with an offer on Waterlily which we accepted. So now the deposit has been paid a survey is pending.

Thanks for those bloggers who promoted the sale.

Happy and sad, but overall pleased we will be passing on a lovely boat and whoever is the buyer will have so much joy from her.

After a 14 hour day I really need sleep !

Edited to say the buyer has pulled out because of health reasons ! 

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Matt said...

Hi Nev,

Sorry to hear read about the seller pulling out of the sale.

Feel free to advertise your boat for free on (use promo code: raok )

All the best selling Waterlily.

- Matt