Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lock in

.... not of the beery type, not sure they happen any more with the new relaxed licensing laws?

No this refers to the stoppages. At Hunts we will be locked in literally between the Junction Lock repairs and the Alrewas lock repairs. We cannot even cruise up and down the 2 mile stretch as there is only one winding hole just below Bagnall lock.

I understand and support the works being done. However some planning would have helped keep the canal open if they had done Woodend rather than Junction at the same time as Alrewas lock.

It is a particular problem for one of our neighbours. Mandy from NB Don't Panic has had her fair share of drama recently being helicoptered off the moorings with a badly broken ankle. It means when she returns to her boat she possibly could be stuck without diesel or pump out, seems this will be resolved by the help of people on the mooring, plus hopefully some support from CaRT mooring and enforcement staff, watch this space. 

The locks at Fradley do need some attention so the repairs will be well received.

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