Sunday, 24 July 2011

Note to self.... Do not leave the inverter on !

July the 2nd was my last blog, the next day we left Waterlily after giving her a good clean inside. What we did not do was notice the remote control light was on on the inverter. I can tell you this will reduce three 115amp leisure batteries to 0% charge over a three week period !

We turned up today to check her and enjoy an afternoon aboard only to find the water pump would not work, I checked everything fuses switches and then realised what we had done. Oh well I hope no great harm has been done. We got the batteries up to 15% and shut the engine off as it was too nice to have to hear the engine all afternoon.

I suspect we need a good cruise to get the batteries back to a half decent charge.

Live and learn......



Anonymous said...

Bad luck, it must be so easy to do. I am not sure what inverter you have but we have a victron 2500 watt and this takes 1.6 amps and at that rate your batteries would have been flat in just over a week. We always turn the inverter off at night.
Hope the batteries recover.


LES said...

They really will take a lot of charging to get them back up. Do try and do it asap, they don`t like being low for to long.

Nev Wells said...

Thanks gents for taking the time to reply.... I will get aboard at the weekend and give the engine a good run. Don't want my new batteries to suffer prematurely,

Take care